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Reckless Perfection Series


Reckless Perfection Book 1

 With her mother hospitalized, Mercedez tries to find her place at home where her constantly busy father and perky pregnant stepmother live. Finding a distraction from her dysfunctional family, she falls for the new boy in school and decides to do anything to keep him, even compromise her beliefs. 

As a Christian, Julia attempts to do the right thing in the world she lives in, weather its joining the band at church, getting straight As, being a supportive best friend, or obedient daughter. However she struggles to keep her faith when life doesn’t go as planned. 

Angela goes into sophomore year of high school for the second time. In efforts of becoming a reformed bad girl, she struggles to finish high school and stay out of trouble, while working. In her attempts, the lines between wanting to change and actually trying to change become blurry.

Not getting attention at home Amanda constantly seeks for it anywhere she can get it. When she finds a crush worthy boy she pursuits him, even if that means moving faster than she is ready to. 


Reckless Perfection Reviews

-  Physical abuse, relationship angst, gossip, bullying . . . these are the biggest problems described in this raw depiction of urban life and the battle for social placement in society... The use of Spanish terminology and neighborhood colloquialisms adds the cultural realism that places this story in a genre all its own. 

  Lisa McCombs

-Francois shows promise as a storyteller. She manages the cast of characters well, keeping

the plot of each girl’s story moving forward with unexpected twists that hold the reader’s


 Melissa Brown Levine

- This book perfectly captures the drama and troubles teen girls face daily as well more serious issues such as drug use and abusive relationships. I feel that teenagers will enjoy this book as many of them will be going through similar issues to the characters. The plot and storyline of reckless perfection is excellent and all the characters are well developed and as a reader you begin to really feel for them. The only down side to this book is that the ending is very abrupt; at first I didn’t realise it had finished. There is a sequel however, and I am looking forwards to reading it so I can find out the rest of the girls’ story. Overall I think this is a very good book and is definitely worth a read.  

  Laura from Good Reads

- This book will show parents what life is like for teenage daughters.  

  bookreader from Amazon

- The book deals with many issues prevalent in today's society... They make decisions about problems that many teens are faced with in their everyday lives. They don't always make the right choices but they learn from their mistakes. In the end they all want to find love and be accepted for who they are. 

martins4unc from Amazon

- This book reigns so true for unfortunately too many teenagers... Great book to read for adults to shed light on what teenagers are actually doing when they are (and are not) home.  


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Chasing Ghosts, Sequel to Reckless Perfection

 After having a tough sophomore year, Mercedez is ready to get her act together. That includes getting better grades, making amends with her family, and even say goodbye to her bad boy ex-boyfriend. As she tries to turn the corner, she realizes though she is in a better place in life she still has to face her own worst enemy: herself. Getting back together with her boyfriend was a blessing.
Getting him to say the “l” word was a miracle. As Julia and her collegiate boyfriend get more serious, temptations arise. Julia contemplates taking her relationship with him to the next level, fearing she will lose him if she doesn’t.
Amanda is determined to do anything to become popular during her junior year of high school. While trying to get attention, she tries to make the grades, get involved in every club at school in order to get into Princeton, and of course, date one of the most popular guys at school, even though he is a known player.
Angela has finally made it to her junior year of high school and she is over the drama of the past years. Though the drama at school about her has died down, it has escalated at home, now that her mother is back together with her ex. Angela tries to avoid her mother’s boyfriend at all cost, however when tragedy strikes, he is the only one she believes she can turn to. 


- This is an interesting and fun-to-read story that makes one realize that young people are so vulnerable during these years and it takes strength, familial and peer support and a moral compass to successfully traverse the path to adulthood.  

  Liz from Good Reads

- In an engrossing and easy to read book by author Laura Francois, Chasing Ghosts is a story that readers will find extremely hard to put down once they start it... I very much enjoyed Chasing Ghosts. Author Laura Francois has done a great job in creating characters that her readers will truly be able to relate to, connect with and care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. The problems that the girls face are very realistic, and I am sure that many readers will have faced similar situations in their own lives. This is a great coming of age story, and young adult readers, especially young women, should absolutely give this book a chance. I am pleased to recommend Chasing Ghosts, and I look forward to reading more from the very promising author, Laura Francois, as soon as she releases her next work! 

    Chris Fischer 

- There are many dramatic moments, both joyful and somber, in Laura Francois’ young adult fictional work, Chasing Ghosts: A Reckless Perfection Novel. Ms. Francois’ writing style, with just the right amount of narration and description, creates an interesting, easy-to-read story. The plot holds the interest of the reader throughout the book with many twists and turns – not unlike the lives of modern-day adolescents. The reader will not predict the unforeseen ending. The plot is strong and engaging.  

   Deborah Lloyd 

- The four girls are relatable characters, especially to readers who are in the same age range as them. The supporting characters, like their families, enhanced the flavor of the story and added a little comedy and drama to it.   Laura Francois wrote the story in a way that was engaging and interesting, so I could really tune in to what will happen to these girls’ lives, their struggles and everything. I am not sure this book is part of a series, but I hope that it is because I wanted to know more. It feels like their stories aren’t finished just yet. 

   Lorena Sanqui 

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